Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spanish school

Our first day with our family was very tiring because we couldn't understand anything that they were saying. They have three very friendly dogs. Our first day of Spanish school was very tiring too. We took a test to see how much we knew. The teachers can speak English but don't during class. The only other person in my class is a 4 year old who speaks quite a lot of Spanish. In my class we do fun things. We play with balls, watch movies and draw things. By the end of the week I could understand a few words. By the end of our second week, I could understand a bit more, but I can't say very much.

Costa Rica

We flew into Costa Rica and spent the night in San Jose. The next day we went to the Manual Antonio beach. We took surfing lessons. Surfing is hard. I fell off a lot. The next day we went to the Manuel Antonio Park. We saw monkeys, Three Toed Sloths and racoons. One of the monkeys tried to steal a man's bag of snacks. Every day the racoons come to the picnic area and steal people's food. One man fed the racoons and then was surprised when the racoon tried to steal some of  his food. Then next day we went on a canopy tour. You go on zip lines and swim in a waterfall. The zip lines are amazing. They are fully supported by trees. The longest one is over half a kilometer (one third of a mile) long. The waterfall was very cold. The next day we took a bus to San Juan, the town that we stay in with a family and do Spanish school.