Friday, September 11, 2009


Today we fly to Windhoek.In Windhoek we are volunteering at an animal orphanage for 2 weeks before we get a car and start driving around.

Yesterday,on the flight from Sydney to Johannesburg,the captain came and said hello to me because it was my birthday. Because of the time change,my birthday lasted for 34 hours.Since my birthday lasted so long,I had about 5 meals.Remove Formatting from selection


  1. Happy birthday, Zane. Please let me know what type of baby animals you take care of.
    from, Morag

  2. Wow Zane 34 hours of birthday celebrations! Does that make you older than eleven??? We are so glad that we will be able to follow your exciting adventures.

  3. Hi Zane, lucky you to have a 34 hour birthday. Have fun at the ophanage. Anaru

  4. Hi Zane! Hope you are having a wonderful adventure! Let us know what you are doing and seeing in Africa! Can't wait to see you in December!

  5. Hi Zane,
    Happy birthday! Wow a 34 hour birthday. How did you manage that? Extra cake? Have fun and be safe.
    - Jimbo

  6. The pilot of the plane came and said hi to me, and I wish that a 34 hour birthday meant that I was older than eleven.