Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elephant at sunset. Etosha

A Damara Dik Dik. Shoulder height 35cm, weight 4kg

An elephant having a dustbath

Meerkats eating catfood.

Sylvia the Common Duiker

Zebras in Etosha

I took this picture of a springbok trough binoculars

Me holding a chamelion in Bushmanland.

Elephants blocking the road in Chobe.

This Meerkat is nearly as wide as he is tall!

Meerkats on me at N/a'n ku se

A mirage at 11 in the morning

'Rejoice in the lord' carrots

An elephant near our car in Chobe

A little bittern on the okavango delta in moremi. The Ververt Monkeys in Chobe. The Banded Mongeese in Etosha.

The sun shinning through the clouds in the early morning in Etosha.

Elephant fight video

Two bull elephants fighting in Chobe. I took this video.

Friday, October 30, 2009

That night at the campsite, there were a troop of Verevert monkeys roosting in a tree.
The next morning we saw a lion, two lionesses and two lion cubs.
The next day, on the way to a different campground, we saw a leopard cub.

Later on that day we stopped at a huge baobab tree.
While we were at the baobab tree a pack of african wild dogs ran past.



In Moremi we saw lots of animals. Moremi is on the edge of the Okavango Delta. One evening we went out on a boat in the Okavango Delta, and we saw a bird colony with Maribu Storks, Yellow Billed Storks and Cattle Egrets. We also saw some hippos. At the last campsite we stayed, the baboons were a menace. If anything was out they would steal it. In the morning there were big lion tracks near the toilet blocks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bushman Land
On the morning of our first day we got to go on a hunt with the Bushmen. They drive to where they want to hunt and then they start walking. First I found a chameleon, and picked it up. Our guide thought it was great, and he didn’t tell me that when you pick up a chameleon it usually bites you, until after I had picked it up. But I didn’t get bitten. When we stopped for a rest, they set up a bird snare. It looked like this:
The Bushmen showed us how to find and use a root that will give you water. After that they found a honey tree. In Namibia there are three types of bees, burrowing, non-stinging and regular honey bees. These were the non-stinging type. They chopped down the tree and started eating the honey. It was very runny and it dripped. In the afternoon we went to the village to watch them making arrows. They put enough poison on the arrows to kill a half ton antelope.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today was our first day in Etosha. In our first hour we had seen a lion. The campgrounds in Etosha are in a fence, and each one has a water hole directly outside the fence that is lit up all night. That evening we saw a mother and baby black rhino, and 2 lions. Black rhino are extremely aggressive. If a herd of elephants are drinking at a water hole, and a black rhino comes, they will all leave even though some of the are twice its size.
Today we got up early and went to a water hole. There weren’t any animals there, so we went back to the water hole at the camp ground. Later on in the day, some elephants came, and then more, and more and more. In the end there were 53 elephants at the water hole. Everything is wary of black rhino. If a lion is at the same water hole as a black rhino, it will not turn its back on it.
Today, on our way to the next campground there were 3 very big lions by the side of the road. A little later on, we turned off to go to a water hole. On the way there were 5 more lions near the road.
Today we drove to where the lions were the day before. There were 4 more lions there. We were sitting at a water hole when a lioness came and lay down behind some reeds. About 15 minutes later, some springbok, zebra and wildebeest came to drink. They were upwind of her. About 10 minutes later she shot out of the bushes and jumped on a wildebeest. She was so powerful that she didn’t need to kill it straight away. She just held it on the ground for about 15 seconds before she bit its neck and killed it.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today we got up at 5:30am.We got to Sossuvlei at 7:00am.The colors on the sand dunes were amazing. Sossuvlei has the tallest sand dunes in the world. We had been driving for about 2 hours when the Land Rover slipped on a deep patch of gravel, skidded back and forth a couple of times, and rolled.

The car 5 minutes later

The car being towed away

The fridge was squashed,but when the car was upside down, it was still running

Eggs that fell out of the fridge

The car after it had been towed back

None of us were hurt badly. We all got sore necks and small cuts. About 5 minutes after we rolled a man who lives around Solitaire came by. He took us to Solitaire. The town consists of a petrol station, lodge, bakery and cafe. They said because of the bad roads, in the high season 2-3 people crash a day. If you crash, they will give you a free night's stay. A month ago, a person in a Toyota Hilux crashed in exactly the same place as us. There was still glass there from the last crash. Our GPS flew out the window, and 3 meters along the road. It had a big crack on the screen, but it still worked. A man at the lodge said that we were lucky that we had a roof rack because usually when a Land Rover rolls the roof caves in because it is made of aluminum.

The cuts in my pants are from battery acid. The car battery is under the passenger seat,so it leaked into the car.

Today I got to climb one of the world's highest sand dunes. It was exciting,but not very fun because the wind was extremely strong,and it was side on. Your feet sank in quite a lot and the sand dune was steep.

Some of the other animals at Na/an Ku Se.

Animal tracks I have seen:

Tenebrionid Beetle
African Wild Cat

Animals I have been bitten by:

Namibian flag