Friday, October 2, 2009


Today we got up at 5:30am.We got to Sossuvlei at 7:00am.The colors on the sand dunes were amazing. Sossuvlei has the tallest sand dunes in the world. We had been driving for about 2 hours when the Land Rover slipped on a deep patch of gravel, skidded back and forth a couple of times, and rolled.

The car 5 minutes later

The car being towed away

The fridge was squashed,but when the car was upside down, it was still running

Eggs that fell out of the fridge

The car after it had been towed back

None of us were hurt badly. We all got sore necks and small cuts. About 5 minutes after we rolled a man who lives around Solitaire came by. He took us to Solitaire. The town consists of a petrol station, lodge, bakery and cafe. They said because of the bad roads, in the high season 2-3 people crash a day. If you crash, they will give you a free night's stay. A month ago, a person in a Toyota Hilux crashed in exactly the same place as us. There was still glass there from the last crash. Our GPS flew out the window, and 3 meters along the road. It had a big crack on the screen, but it still worked. A man at the lodge said that we were lucky that we had a roof rack because usually when a Land Rover rolls the roof caves in because it is made of aluminum.

The cuts in my pants are from battery acid. The car battery is under the passenger seat,so it leaked into the car.


  1. Hi there Zane ...

    My name is Melissa and I use to work with the wonderful Nikki Brass.
    Thought I'd check out your blog too... to see how your travels are going. I've just finished reading it and ...
    Goodness me Zane the Land Rover adventure sounds very scary. Hopefully the battery acid didn't burn your leg. It sounds like you are having an absolute blast over in Africa.

    I watched the video of you riding the pig and wondered if this was the one that bit you? Do they have African words for the animals that you are encountering or do they refer to them with English words?

    Of all the animals that you have seen which would have been your favourite? Have you managed to see the lions yet?
    Keep up with the great blog.

  2. Hello Zane-

    I am so glad you are all OK after your crash! The pictures are amazing. Please don't have any more adventures like that one.

    I am loving reading about your travels and what you are doing along the way. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmastime!

    Aunt Amy

  3. My legs aren't burned from the acid, and the africaans have there own words for animals.


  4. Yes, the pig I was riding was the one that bit me, and its name was Baby.