Sunday, October 18, 2009

Check out these photos!

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  1. Hi Zane,

    It looks like you're having a great time and having lots of adventures. Can't believe your truck over turned! These animal pictures look amazing. You are so lucky to get to see them - I think I'd be a bit scared!
    I've been meaning to comment on your blog as I've looked at it quite a few times but I've been so busy so sorry it's taken me so long. I'm teaching in R1 at the moment (have been for 2 weeks)as Mrs Matthews is sick so that's keeping me really busy.
    Your class has moved into their new classroom and it is huge. We are really pleased with it. The office area has all the framework up and should be finished by the end of the term. It is also huge and I can't wait to move in. Rochelle and I have our offices and the staffroom set up in the old Room 4.
    Everyone is missing you but we know you are having a great time. Say hi to mum, dad, and Miss Brass. I'll try to e-mail them today as well.

    Mrs Wadworth