Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today was our first day in Etosha. In our first hour we had seen a lion. The campgrounds in Etosha are in a fence, and each one has a water hole directly outside the fence that is lit up all night. That evening we saw a mother and baby black rhino, and 2 lions. Black rhino are extremely aggressive. If a herd of elephants are drinking at a water hole, and a black rhino comes, they will all leave even though some of the are twice its size.
Today we got up early and went to a water hole. There weren’t any animals there, so we went back to the water hole at the camp ground. Later on in the day, some elephants came, and then more, and more and more. In the end there were 53 elephants at the water hole. Everything is wary of black rhino. If a lion is at the same water hole as a black rhino, it will not turn its back on it.
Today, on our way to the next campground there were 3 very big lions by the side of the road. A little later on, we turned off to go to a water hole. On the way there were 5 more lions near the road.
Today we drove to where the lions were the day before. There were 4 more lions there. We were sitting at a water hole when a lioness came and lay down behind some reeds. About 15 minutes later, some springbok, zebra and wildebeest came to drink. They were upwind of her. About 10 minutes later she shot out of the bushes and jumped on a wildebeest. She was so powerful that she didn’t need to kill it straight away. She just held it on the ground for about 15 seconds before she bit its neck and killed it.

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