Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bushman Land
On the morning of our first day we got to go on a hunt with the Bushmen. They drive to where they want to hunt and then they start walking. First I found a chameleon, and picked it up. Our guide thought it was great, and he didn’t tell me that when you pick up a chameleon it usually bites you, until after I had picked it up. But I didn’t get bitten. When we stopped for a rest, they set up a bird snare. It looked like this:
The Bushmen showed us how to find and use a root that will give you water. After that they found a honey tree. In Namibia there are three types of bees, burrowing, non-stinging and regular honey bees. These were the non-stinging type. They chopped down the tree and started eating the honey. It was very runny and it dripped. In the afternoon we went to the village to watch them making arrows. They put enough poison on the arrows to kill a half ton antelope.

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