Friday, November 13, 2009

Khama Rhino Sanctuary

5-7 November

In our first afternoon in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, we saw 3 White Rhinos during the day. At the Rhino Sanctuary, they have quite a variety of animals other than rhino. The next day we went out in the early morning to look for rhino. We didn't see any rhinos, but we saw a Springbok lamb.It was hiding in the bushes, but when we drove by, it jumped up and ran to its mother.

Tuli Block

8-12 November

We spent our first 3 nights at The KWA Tuli Game Reserve. We stayed at the Island Camp. On our fist morning we went out at 6am to look at animals. We saw Elephants, Kudu, Grey Duiker (also called Common Diuker), Zebra and Impala. We went out again in the evening and saw Klipspringer, Eland and Rock Hyrax(Dassie). It is funny that a Rock Hyrax is called a Rock Hyrax because our guide Jerry told us that Rock Hyraxes climb trees quite alot, and Tree Hyraxes somtimes live in rocks. The next evening we went on another drive, and we saw a Grass Snake. Our next campsite in Tuli was about 5 metres from the Limpopo River.The other side of the river is South Africa. And there were crocodiles swimming up and down the river.

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