Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Machu Picchu

We walked around and looked at some buildings before watching the sunrise. The light on Machu Picchu at sunrise is amazing. It gives things good colour. Then we went up a little hill at one end. The best stones were on that hill. Our guide said that the royalty lived there. From there you could see most of Machu Picchu. After that we went to the mirrors. They are perfect dishes of water carved into the rocks. The Incas would look at the reflections of the stars at night.   When we were there, there wasn't much water because the llamas had drunk it. There is a little aqueduct which still has water flowing in it. The water in it was sacred, but when we were there a dog was drinking it. Then we went up to the Sun Gate. From there you can see all of Machu Picchu and the surrounding area. The stone work in all of Machu Picchu is amazing. The aqueduct was made up of many rocks, but they fit so tightly together that no water leaked through. Our guide told us that there are lumps and holes in the rocks so they lock together and don't move. The next morning we went up again. I watched he sunrise from the royal plaza. It overlooks most of Machu Picchu and has the temple of the three windows. Every morning the sun shines through the windows.

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